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How to link multiple domains to a website

Nick from the U.K asks: My company recently purchased a couple domains and we want those to link to our current website. Eg. will transfer to instantly. How can I do this? Many Thanks, Nick This is similar to an earlier post How do I point ? at ? or vice-versa?, but since […]

Emails about: Intellectual property rights Regarding "yourname"

It is not uncommon to get unsolicited email from some party representing themselves as an overseas trademark or domain registry that has received a request from some local party that they feel may infringe upon your trademark. You can consider these just a form of marketing email (spam) or a elaborate way to entice you […]

Steps involved in a .COM, .NET or .ORG domain transfer

(These steps in transferring a .COM, .NET or .ORG domain to a new registrar also apply to .BIZ and .INFO or any domain within a Top Level Domain that runs on EPP) In these explanations "losing registrar" means the domain registrar the domain is currently using before the domain transfer, the "gaining registrar" is the […]

The steps involved in a .CA domain transfer

.CA domains are administered by CIRA: the Canadian Internet Registration Authority who sets out how .CA domains are to be transferred. There are two things to consider when transferring a .CA domain: 1) Transferring a .CA domain to a new registrar read more

How can I park or monetize my domain names?

Domain parking refers to monetizing otherwise unused domain names via pay-per-click advertising. There are numerous companies that exist soley to monetize "parked" domains in this manner. Most domain registrars "park" their customers' idle and unused domains and monetize them, often keeping the revenues for themselves. If you have domain names simply "parked" with your registrar, […]

When the internet doesn't see an update to your zonefile

Every once in awhile we see a situation where somebody changes the IP address one of their hostname (A records) points at and the rest of the world still sees the old address. Common causes of this include: You forgot to increment the zone's serial in the SOA record (*thwap*). Increment the serial and reload […]

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