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Welcome to easyDNS, Press 1 for support. Press 2 to get the last 4-digits of your credit card number on file here.

Just kidding. We've had numerous requests to today to comment on this issue as Naoki Hiroshima's nightmarish tale of how his Godaddy account, Paypal account and ultimately his highly coveted Twitter handle were compromised and the latter stolen. (Sorry I haven't posted sooner on this, I'm out of the office this week, way up north […]

How to Transfer Your Domain Without Going Dark

(originally titled "Who do you have to be to get a phone call from our CEO?") I'm in bachelor mode for about another day (less than that, pretty soon I'll have to start cleaning the bathrooms and emptying the dishwasher). My wife and kid have been in Florida for a week and they left me […]

Updates on the easyroute53 service

Details on the easyroute53 service

First there was tweet2txt…now we have tweet2whois.

From the people who brought you tweet2txt, a completely useless hack to put your twitter status into a TXT record at your own domain, have taken it one step further and released tweet2whois: put your twitter status into your domain whois records. This one may actually have some utility from the get-go. If you're in […]

Saving trees the easy way!

We don't want to sound like hippies here, but it's sort of hard to miss the fact that there seem to be a lot fewer trees around than there were a while back, y'know? Whatever your take on global warming, we've all pretty much realized there's been a bit too much of the chopping and […]

The Definitive Guide To Never Losing Your Domain

We've written a free guide that basically outlines a basic methodology on how to organize things so that you never lose your domain names. We've been in this business for over a decade, I've basically been in the habit for years of visually inspecting the domains that are about to be deleted by the registry […]

tweet2txt? tweet2dns? ok, why not….

Not even sure why we did this other than "because we could", but try this: Setup a txt record in your domain like this: host IN TXT ""v=twitterstatus1 txthost twitterid" And basically what happens is the last tweet from "twitterid" will be placed into the contents of a TXT record for "txthost" under your domain […]

An iPhone hack for dynamic DNS updates with easyDNS

File under neat. Gavin Brock posted a way to dynamically update your DNS for your (jailbroken) iPhone. This is the same Gavin Brock who wrote the DNS::EasyDNS Perl Module many years ago.

MobileMe and easyDNS…

A number of customers have been registering domains to point to their new websites published via iWeb on their MobileMe accounts. Unfortunately, while MobileMe instructs how to point "" to their services, they don't have a way to easily point just "" to their services. This is especially important as not everyone on the internet […]

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