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What the New Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) Actually Means

Last week I became aware of a flurry of attention around forthcoming Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation. ran a twitter round-up under the hashtag #BeCASLReady and suddenly it seemed this was the next big internet legislative thing to be aware of up here in Canada. So after our cursory examination of the text of the legislation, […]

Go ahead, pass the Internet tax. Your (foreign) competitors thank you in advance.

The internet is a pretty stupid place to pass a tax, and the US looks well down the road to passing one. What lawmakers fail to understand is that taxation specific to the internet, ostensibly to boost revenues into government coffers, in practice will probably diminish them as US businesses lose competitiveness against foreign companies. […]

Home Stretch in the CIRA Board Elections

At the time of writing there are about 24 hours left in the CIRA Board elections, voting closes tomorrow (September 26) at noon EST. What is interesting this year is that renowned privacy advocate Michael Geist has once again been nominated on the members' slate and if successful would be back on the CIRA Board. […]

Who are the Best Domain Registrars?

Lifehacker is doing another"Who is the Best Registrar" survey, and of course we've been out there tweeting and #fb-ing for everybody to head on over there and vote….for us Of course. But it got me thinking this morning, shameless self promotion aside, who are the best registrars out there? Aside from us, I mean. A […]

Austerity is for Suckers as Verisign Locks Up .COM

"2. ICANN OBLIGATIONS. 2.3.2 not unreasonably restrain competition and, to the extent feasible, promote and encourage robust competition;"                               – ICANN Registrar Accreditation Agreement" While the rest of the world faces austerity measures, governments and people are being told to tighten their belts and make do with less. The tech sector's lot in life is […]

"The Voice of The Internet Community Has Been Heard"

A couple of encouraging developments out of the US reported as today via TheDomains blog make us cautiously optimistic that the Stop Online Privacy Act (a.k.a "SOPA") bill (to which we posted our objections in December) may be on ice for now. We were not alone in opposing SOPA and related initiatves, numerous domain registrars […]

Verisign domain takedown proposal very worrisome.

Under a proposed Verisign initiative, all .COM/.NET domains exist at the pleasure of the United States government. Verisign just released an overview of their proposed "Anti-Abuse Domain Use Policy" Under ICANN's Registry Services Evaluation Process. The program's chief aim is to provide a takedown mechanism of malicious websites distributing malware. In itself, not a bad […]

Who Will Be the Big Winners and Losers of the New TLDs?

Before the weekend I was asked to write a guest piece for Domain Name News (DNN) about my take on the new Top Level Domains program which purports to begin adding unlimited new TLDs to the root. Our reaction as a company to new TLDs is atypical for most Registrars. Rather than whip our member […]

Phishing scam alert from CIRA

We just received this from CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority), and wanted to make sure easyDNS clients are aware of this matter. You can stay up to date on alerts and announcements from CIRA by adding their blog to your RSS feed or following their twitter feed, both listed below. Please remember to always check […]

.COM and .NET wholesale price goes up tomorrow, easyDNS doesn't.

Verisign is increasing the wholesale cost of .COM and .NET domains by 48 cents for .COM domains and 42 cents for .NET. easyDNS will absorbing the additional wholesale costs into existing pricing.

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