NABP to Registrars: You Must Takedown and Seize Any Domain We Tell You To

pharmalobbyIt's almost surreal to be getting this letter from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) addressed to ICANN Registrars requesting that "you adopt and implement policies and procedures, consistent with this letter,", given the timing of what we just went through with the City of London Police takedown requests.

What are those policies and procedures the NAPB wants all ICANN Registrars to adopt? Glad you asked: Read more »

Domains Locked in London Police Takedown Ordered To Be Transferred.

wewinThe National Arbitration Forum has just handed down its decision in respect to the three domain names locked down at Public Domain Registry in response to the City of London Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit takedown requests. The decision is in favour of easyDNS and orders the three names to be transferred to us.

The full text of the decision is available here, the notable finding is that:

No court order has been issued which would prohibit the transfer of the domain names at issue from the Registrar of Record to the Gaining Registrar.  Therefore, there is nothing in the Transfer Policy which authorizes the Registrar of Record to refuse to transfer the domain names. Read more »

Things Go Better With Crypto: Introducing GPG Encryption on Your Email Forwarding


We are happy to unveil a beta feature for email forwarding:

You can now optionally add GPG keys to individual mailmaps so that your forwarded email arrives at its next hop encrypted.

This means that if you are forwarding your email to your ISP, office, or third party email provider (including easyMail by easyDNS), the email will arrive on those servers encrypted and can only be decrypted by entering the passphrase to the corresponding private key.

The email address on the GPG key used does not need to match the address in your mailmap, you can use any public key you want and you could even generate a specific key for each mailmap you want to do this with.

Why Would You Want To Do This?

There is a school of thought that says if you're not doing anything wrong then you should have no problem accepting  that your communications are wiretapped by government intelligence agencies and stored in large databases where they will ostensibly never be used to your disadvantage in any way.

That school is plainly and simply wrong and that's not an opinion, it's an historical fact that when the government begins wholesale spying on its own subjects, the road to tyranny has been embarked upon.

The way we see it, if the NSA can do it now with zero due process and total impunity, it just green lights every other law enforcement agency, intelligence organization or even  private interests to do the same. In other words, all bets are now off in terms of expectation of privacy in your personal and business communications, so everybody who is concerned about it needs to start taking action on their own to reclaim that expectation.

Our job now is to provide you with tools to help with that.

Read more »

Verisign punts: easyDNS To Appeal Decision of "No Decision"

Pick one.

Pick one.

The never-ending odyssey of the London Police shakedown requests against numerous file sharing and bittorrent domains worldwide, it looks like we'll have to push this all the way up to a TDRP panel to decide the fate of 3 domains locked-down at Public Domain Registry without valid grounds.

To review, the London Police sent out takedown requests to multiple domain registrars worldwide demanding that they shut down various bittorrent websites and hijack their traffic to  more palatable file sharing websites (mostly commercial entities blessed by the IP lobby based in the U.K.). easyDNS refused in the absence of a valid court order (as per our Takedown Policy). Read more »

10 easyDNS tools and features you always wished for but didn't know you already had.

There are numerous functions, utilities and features built into the system that you may not realize are there. In the interest of giving you more power and freedom and making sure you know about all the options, tools and shortcuts available in the never ending quest to coherently manage your domain assets, we've compiled a list of "10 things you may have always wished for but didn't know you already had".

Those things are:

  1. 2-factor authentication
  2. Account access controls (ACLs) and Country-based login restrictions
  3. Domain Apex aliasing (ANAME or root CNAME)
  4. easyAPI: a RESTful API
  5. iCal Feed for your domain expiries
  6. Event notifications
  7. Bulk DNS Updates
  8. Restore zonedata from backups / Rollback
  9. Portfolio Sharing
  10. Host your email (easyMail), WordPress (easyPress) or website (easyWEB)

Let's get started

Read more »

Microsoft XBOX-day outage a textbook case for Hot Swappable nameservers

In the run-up to the much anticipated Xbox launch, the Microsoft Corporation all but disappeared off the internet as all of their key domains went dark:,,, etc.

While techcrunch ran an article positing that it was their Azure Cloud Platform that was at fault, the chatter on both the dns-operations and mail-ops mailing lists pointed instead at a widespread DNS outage, which seemed to bear up under a few queries: Read more »

TDRP proceedings initiated in response to UK police shakedown

london copseasyDNS has filed an RFE (Request For Enforcement) with the .COM/.NET registry operator (Verisign) under the ICANN Tranfers Dispute Resolution Policy (TDRP) to transfer-out three domains currently locked down by Public Domain Registry in response to the City of London (UK) police shakedown requests.

The domains in question were initially suspended, taking the domains down. After requests from both easyDNS and the registrant, PDR restored the domains' original nameservers but kept them on lockdown, in their own words: Read more »

easyWEB: Rock Solid Hosting is here.

easyWEB Rock Solid Hosting by easyDNS Now you can host your website under the same umbrella where you have your domains and DNS – easyWEB Rock Solid Hosting by easyDNS is now here.

There a number of reasons you would want to host your website with us now that we've officially entered the space (not the least of which is you've been asking us for web hosting for the better part of a decade, so here it is…)

  • Keep more of your IT infrastructure with a vendor you trust
  • All the servers are in Canada
  • Easily integrates with your DNS settings right here
  • 24×7 support when you need help.
  • Based on cPanel – no need to learn a new dashboard.

We've been beta testing the easyWEB platform over the summer and after a final rebuild / upgrade of the hardware platform, it's ready for prime time. Plans and pricing are outlined here.

Also, if you run WordPress and you missed our earlier announcement, there is also:, (fully managed WordPress hosting in Canada, eh), which we formally launched earlier this year.

Registrars that complied with "shakedown" requests may now be in violation of ICANN Transfers Policy

City of London Police Shakedown Request in progress

City of London Police Shakedown Request in progress

At the time we posted Whatever Happened To Due Process we were unaware that we were just one of many registrars receiving these notices from the London (UK) Police.

We have since been made aware that this was part of a larger initiative against the BitTorrent space as a whole, and that most if not all of the other registrars in receipt of the same email as us folded rather quickly and acquiesced to the shakedown orders.

Since there were no charges against any of the domains and no court orders, it may be at the registrars' discretion to play ball with these ridiculous demands. However – what they clearly cannot do now, is prevent any of those domain holders from simply transferring out their names to more clueful, less wimpy registrars.

If any of those registrars denied the ability to do that, then they would be in clear violation of the ICANN Inter-Registrars Transfer Policy. Read more »

Whatever Happened to "Due Process" ?

This morning I received the following email:Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 10.16.46 AM


Dear Sir or Madam,

Re: Website domain name suspension request #2

On the 24th September 2013, EasyDNS Technologies was emailed a domain suspension request for the following domain(s) that to date we have not received a reply nor seen action taken:

[redacted].com [IP redacted]

The domain(s) continues to be accessible by members of the public and is still making illicit financial gains for the criminals operating it.

It would be appreciated if you would respond either positively or negatively to this request confirming if you will assist Police in preventing this ongoing crime.

Kind regards,


The request came from The City of London (UK) Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit, and it had me thinking about this issue all morning, whether I should write anything about it, etc. It's a strongly worded email "The domain(s) continues to be accessible by members of the public and is still making illicit financial gains for the criminals operating it."  Ok, what exactly makes the website operators criminals (the website in question is a bittorrent search engine, I don't even think they're hosting the torrent files locally). Read more »

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