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Things Go Better With Crypto: Introducing GPG Encryption on Your Email Forwarding

We are happy to unveil a beta feature for email forwarding: You can now optionally add GPG keys to individual mailmaps so that your forwarded email arrives at its next hop encrypted. This means that if you are forwarding your email to your ISP, office, or third party email provider (including easyMail by easyDNS), the […]

10 easyDNS tools and features you always wished for but didn't know you already had.

There are numerous functions, utilities and features built into the system that you may not realize are there. In the interest of giving you more power and freedom and making sure you know about all the options, tools and shortcuts available in the never ending quest to coherently manage your domain assets, we've compiled a […]

easyWEB: Rock Solid Hosting is here.

Now you can host your website under the same umbrella where you have your domains and DNS – easyWEB Rock Solid Hosting by easyDNS is now here. There a number of reasons you would want to host your website with us now that we've officially entered the space (not the least of which is you've […]

Office Phone System Update.

We are currently in the process of transferring our office to a new phone system. As part of this we have had to port our 4165358672 number to a new provider. The port is scheduled to happen today. We have things configured on our end to ensure the number works as quickly as possible once […]

Core infrastructure rebuild is complete

We posted a little while ago about upgrades we've been working on (infrastructure improvements).  We have now completed a second round of upgrades, this time a rebuild of our core infrastructure. This system is running the latest XenServer and has network IO of 64Gbits/s . This server farm is homogenous which makes it possible to […]

What We Are Doing About Chronic DDoS Attacks

[ Yesterday we started sending this in an email to all members on the system. We are posting it here for reference.  ] The number of DDoS attacks directed against the easyDNS system (indeed across all DNS providers) has escalated this year and we wanted to bring you up to speed on measures we are […]

Announcing: easyRoute53 adds Fully Managed option

Since we released our easyRoute53 interface for managing Amazon Route 53 DNS zones, we've had many customers take advantage of the ability to add redundant DNS service and have their easyDNS zone data automatically replicated on Amazon Route 53 nameservers – without the need for any custom programming. There are, however, a few steps in […]

DNSResolvers open resolvers will be shut down.

We recently made the decision internally that our had to cease being open resolvers. We were still trying to figure out the best way to transition to an authenticated model gracefully. However, tonight we were DDoS-ed against those open resolvers and while our core easyDNS authoritative DNS services were not impacted,  our customer environment […]

Announcing easyPress, managed WordPress hosting – high performance wp with built-in disaster recovery

It was nearly a year ago when Victor Granic asked to pick my brain around “how to build an awesome company” (Thanks Victor, that’s quite a compliment). He was building a startup that was doing a lot of WordPress development. Similar to the precursor company from which easyDNS came out of, they found themselves hosting […]

Infrastructure improvements

easyDNS has been making significant investments in its infrastructure. We'd like to share some details of our progress. We use our own XCP (XenCloudPlatform) distribution (we call it easyXCP). This allows us to combine the latest stable Xen Hypervisor with custom scripts and makes it much easier to compile a custom ISO install image for […]

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Introducing: Managed WordPress Hosting
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