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Core infrastructure rebuild is complete

We posted a little while ago about upgrades we've been working on (infrastructure improvements).  We have now completed a second round of upgrades, this time a rebuild of our core infrastructure. This system is running the latest XenServer and has network IO of 64Gbits/s . This server farm is homogenous which makes it possible to […]

Infrastructure improvements

easyDNS has been making significant investments in its infrastructure. We'd like to share some details of our progress. We use our own XCP (XenCloudPlatform) distribution (we call it easyXCP). This allows us to combine the latest stable Xen Hypervisor with custom scripts and makes it much easier to compile a custom ISO install image for […]

Interesting Internet Storm Center post

Greetings, I came across an interesting (and alarming) post at the Internet Storm Center, and I am passing it along.  If you, too, are a Systems Administrator, or a person who is responsible for mail systems take extra note.  If you're not; look out for the following subject lines as they might be bogus. ARTICLE […]

easywhois issues.

We are currently experiencing issues with easywhois being able to connect to remote whois servers to retrieve domain whois information. Our operations team are working on the problem. and now rejecting mail from clients with no reverse lookups or bogus reverse lookups

Greetings everyone, Due to a breathtaking number of new compromised PCs hitting our primary and secondary mail hubs, we are now rejecting e-mail from hosts that have no reverse lookup, or a bogus reverse lookup. This means that if the IP address of your mail server does not have a legitimate reverse "PTR" record, we […]

DNS cache poisoning exploit released

Hi There, There is a new DNS Cache poisoning disclosure that has been inadvertently leaked before it was scheduled to be released by Dan Kaminsky (IOActive). This is a very serious flaw in the DNS protocol that impacts caching resolvers, like the resolvers hosted at your service provider that help your workstation resolve IP addresses […]

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