Monthly Archives: May, 2011

Changes to .CA domains : Meet the new hold – same as the old hold

Since last October's change in CIRA's registry system, non-renewed domains have been able to continue resolving after their expiration date, right up to the point of redemption and then deletion (presuming they remained non-renewed). This seems like a good idea at first, but what we've witnessed is that clients who don't notice the domain passing […]

easyIPCalc: The (free) IPv4 Subnet Calculator App for your iPhone

Some companies put out pens with their logo on it, or baseball hats nobody will ever wear, or mousepads made from toxic sludge. We prefer to put out useful stuff.   Today we are very pleased to announce the release of easyIPCalc, a free IPv4 Subnet Calculator iPhone app. It was coded by Marija Solaja […]

DNS Speeds Debunked

A popular "metric" in the space are benchmarks depicting speeds of DNS lookups. Sales guys love to tell you "your existing DNS is slow" and that theirs is fast.

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