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Status of DNSSEC

The .COM and .NET tlds will be DNSSEC signed on March 31, 2011. We have DNSSEC support available, we are still designating it as a beta function. You can create and sign your zones with DNSSEC, however at the moment, we do not have the ability to submit DS keys to the various regsitries. This […]

Any press is good press?

There seems to be a growing backlash across the internet in response to Godaddy CEO Bob Parsons and what is being called his "Elephant Snuff Vid". It was a video he made while on a recent vacation in Zimbabwe wherein he kills a "problem" elephant and saves the day for a local farmer whose crops […]

Saving trees the easy way!

We don't want to sound like hippies here, but it's sort of hard to miss the fact that there seem to be a lot fewer trees around than there were a while back, y'know? Whatever your take on global warming, we've all pretty much realized there's been a bit too much of the chopping and […]

easySwag, should we bother?

You saw it on the news, you heard it from a FOAF, you retweeted it….now you can own the t-shirt? Not sure if we're actually going to do this. We've never really been much into swag (or marketing, or PR….or sales), but we had the idea for these on the heels of that whole wikileaks […]

Quick update on SSL certs and CAs

Last summer, Geotrust added a new intermediate CA to their chain of authority to allow for 2048bit keys. This CA would not have been included in server configurations that came out prior to July  2010. The result is that some older servers which haven't had that CA added experience trust issues for browsers trying to […]

DNSSEC now available in Beta

DNSSEC is now available in beta across all service levels (on the new platform). You need to enable the "beta" flag under your Personal Info section and then after you do the DNSSEC link will appear in the "Advanced" line of the Tools tab in your Domain Overview module. There are still some items we […]

Status Updates

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