Monthly Archives: January, 2011

Additional Mailbox Pricing for easyMail

Now that we've made webmail for easyMail available we've been getting asked more often about the pricing on additional boxes. Recall that all DNS Pro level domains come bundled with 10 easyMail IMAP boxes, which is quite frankly, nuts. It should be more like 5, but oh well. (Insert a picture of a used car […]

The easyDNSSEC roadmap.

We've been getting an increasing number of queries regarding the rollout of DNSSEC, the security extensions for DNS. We have been testing DNSSEC internally and plan to have it available for members ahead of the key deployments this year. Some of the deployments are as follows: .CA plans to sign the root on March 31, […]

easyRoute53: Nameserver Integration and DNS Management Layer for Route53

In December, Amazon Web Services announced the addition of Route53 DNS to their cloud computing environment. What this meant was that developers using other AWS components, such as EC2 cloud computing or S3 storage, could extend their toolkits to include Amazon's own DNS hosting. For some of us in the DNS biz, it was viewed […]

easySVN: Subversion Hosting for your domains now in beta

You're running a website on your domain, maybe you have some sort of CMS going which you regularly hack or perhaps it's all your own code. Maybe it's just flat HTML which you edit with vi. In any case having a central repository for your source code is handy for many reasons: being able to […]

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