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Webmail for easyMAIL and SVN hosting coming in January

We're happy to roll out a webmail interface for easyMail, our hosted IMAP product. Remember that DNS Pro domains bundle with 10 IMAP boxes, which come with 2 Gigs of storage and are complete with ClamAV antivirus protection and spamd spam filtering. Coming in January In keeping with our theme of being The Swiss Army […]

The Guardian gets it wrong….again.

The Guardian UK seems to be hell-bent on putting my company out of business. After joining the throng of media outlets mistakenly reporting last week that we unplugged wikileaks, today they reported easyDNS as one of the companies knocked offline by DOS attacks carried out by Anonymous. As per usual, this is wrong. We have […]

WikiLeaks.ORG DNS is NOT with easyDNS (so far)

Just in case you were not confused enough as to whether we unplugged wikileaks, helped them get back online; or had unprotected "relations" with Julian Assange (we didn't), the story "broke" this morning that was back, due to help from easyDNS: Access to has returned after members of its consortium worked with Mark […]

Important: The WikiLeaks Situation

———————————————————————— 1. The WikiLeaks Situation ———————————————————————— It is not very often we send out an all-member email blast, so when we do, it's usually pretty important. First and foremost, everything is ok. Please read the information that follows carefully but understand that we would never do anything that we thought put our members at risk.

Timeline of an Epic #FAIL: The WikiLeaks Takedown Fiasco

Things have been moving so fast over the last five days I haven't had a chance to come up for air. This entire ordeal has completely taken over my life, just when I think things are calming down, some gigantic media outlet comes out with another story about Wikileaks that includes the erroneous "fact" that […]

Concerns around Wikileaks DNS for easyDNS Members

I've received a few emails and comments to the blog expressing perfectly understandable concern around easyDNS providing DNS for (what's more, has also just added our DNS to their nameserver delegation). Please excuse us for not adequately clarifying the situation earlier to address these concerns. The stability and reliability of our systems and […]

New facebook page

Getting with the times, we figured it's time to start an official Facebook page for easyDNS before some gigantic media conglomerate reports the Communist Kitten Molesters facebook page as ours. Since I can't figure out how to create one of those /easydns URLs at facebook, we've set up a redirect: Here it is:

easyDNS added to DNS delegation

[ Update Dec 5th 5:45pm EST: At the moment we're part of the delegation for and were told to expect the .org delegation, however it is now looking more nebulous. There is some confusion around control over the wikileaks.ORG domain and who has it. To be honest, it turns out we are not dealing […]

Thank you to all, I would like this to stop now.

[ Update: After writing this article late last night, I awoke this morning to find that none other than the New York Times had picked up the "easyDNS unplugs Wikileaks" meme and published it on The Lede blog - reigniting another wave of retweets, calls for boycotts of every company involved in the Wikileaks persecution, […]

Ok, so would we take on Wikileaks DNS at this point?

So after the big clusterf*** with easyDNS being falsely blamed for taking down wikileaks, somebody posts the inevitable question "Would easyDNS take wikileaks DNS"? and from there makes what I think is a dubious extension: by NOT taking them we're doing the same thing as "taking them down". What I find dubious about all this […]

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