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First they came for the file-sharing domains…

[easyDNS did not terminate wikileaks DNS, that was everyDNS. See this ] (Background: as you may or may not be aware, earlier in the year the US Department of Homeland Security began seizing domain names of various filesharing websites. Suddenly the agency tasked with protecting the United States from further terrorist attacks was now seizing […]

Web Applications Developer

We're looking for a web applications developer. If you or somebody you know is interested, please have a look at the job description. This is for our office here in Toronto, however we are not opposed to remote work for the right candidate. Such a person would have to have a proven track record of […]

The Domainer Life Comix: Episode #1 – The "Domain Parked" Page

(Click on panel) What is your registrar doing with your parked domains? Well if we're your registrar, we're just parking them. Optionally, we enable you to customize your parked pages in a variety of handy ways. But if we're not your registrar, who knows? Most other registrars monetize their own customers' parked domains by running […]

Warning: Unsolicited phone calls pretending to be "tech support"

We got this by way of William Porquet, reposted with permission as we think some of our users should be aware of this. It looks like an overseas boiler room operation is targeting users, the call reported below was received in Toronto, Canada: The other day one of my older friends in Toronto received a […]

Paul Graham in Forbes

I was surprised and impressed to see that Paul Graham made the cover of Forbes magazine which profiled his Y Combinator incubator. Online edition of the story is available here. We also interviewed Paul Graham in an early edition of our "Who Uses easyDNS" segment available here.

Secondary DNS TSIG Functionality now in beta.

The ability to secure your zone transfers via TSIG Transaction Signatures for domains using us for secondary DNS is now available as beta on the new interface. See this help doc for more details. Transaction Signatures (TSIG) are a method of securing zone transfers between your primary nameserver and us using a secret key as […]

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