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.CO domains in, .TEL domains are out.

As is customary here when it comes to new top-level domain rollouts, we've added support for .CO domains now that the registry has launched real-time live registrations. As we mentioned in previous posts, we are recommending that if you operate a serious net presence under .COM, you should if you can pickup the corresponding .CO […]

Zak Muscovitch for CIRA Board

It's that time of year again when CIRA holds it's elections for seats on the Board. As I never tire of relating: when I was on the CIRA Board, I got the opportunity to travel across the country and meet .CA domain holders from all walks of life. When the Board held open forums in […]

DOS Attacks and DNS: How to Stay Up If Your DNS Provider goes DOWN

[ Note: since publishing this article we have since created and deployed Proactive Nameservers (basically failover at the nameserver level) which automates some of the concepts outlined in this post. ] Greetings from St. Lucia, where I'm here with the family for an end-of-summer vacation. I wanted to post about this topic before I left […]

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