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Junior Support Rep Position

easyDNS is hiring a full-time junior support representative. Some experience desired but the most important thing we're looking for is a good head, ability to work well with others, effective communication, problem solving skills, plus the ability to learn and adapt quickly. We prefer candidates that are english/french bilingual, but it's not required. Having customers […]

Emails about: Intellectual property rights Regarding "yourname"

It is not uncommon to get unsolicited email from some party representing themselves as an overseas trademark or domain registry that has received a request from some local party that they feel may infringe upon your trademark. You can consider these just a form of marketing email (spam) or a elaborate way to entice you […]

When RBLs go bad: is now wildcarded was an antispam RBL that shut down in 2008, but as with all RBLs, they tend to find their way into mail server configs and then ossify there. It looks like whoever ran decided that two years was enough and to let the domain lapse. Yesterday, the domain's registrar put the domain in […]

.CO Domain Registrations are Coming. Will You Participate?

A bunch of years ago I had an idea for an espionage/action/thriller story where a bunch of mercenaries planned a coup d'etat against the regimes of either Columbia or Cameroon for the sole reason of gaining control over the country's top-level domain registry and making billions off of typo-squatting .COM. Truth did kind of mimic […]

How to Port a Domain to the new easyDNS User Interface

For members who want an advance preview into the new system, what follows are step-by-step instructions on how to move a domain from the current easyDNS interface to the new management platform. The new platform has been live since mid-2009, many of the staff here have been running their personal domains off of here and […]

Status Updates

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