Monthly Archives: March, 2009

Do you really need to register your name under .tel?

We've turned up .tel registrations now that they've gone realtime and the initial registry implosion has stabilized. You may have noticed a distinct lack of urgency from us to light a fire under your keester to go register your name under .tel right now before somebody else takes it. As we outlined previously, we find […]

New easyDNS Member feedback survey

Many of you may not know that we have an ongoing member feedback survey where we ask for your thoughts and impressions of using easyDNS. We try to make it as unobtrusive as possible, and for each respondent we make a $5 donation to a charity of your choosing (World Wildlife Fund, Children's Wish Fund […] and now rejecting mail from clients with no reverse lookups or bogus reverse lookups

Greetings everyone, Due to a breathtaking number of new compromised PCs hitting our primary and secondary mail hubs, we are now rejecting e-mail from hosts that have no reverse lookup, or a bogus reverse lookup. This means that if the IP address of your mail server does not have a legitimate reverse "PTR" record, we […]

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