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Ten Years of easyDNS

10 years ago on this day, we removed the password block on and sent out a couple of innocuous email announcements to the PHP and Mysql mailing lists announcing that we had developed a DNS management system using php and mysql and it was now open for business. We had three nameservers, 1 in […]

easyDNS soft launches

With the ramifications of the DNS cache poisoning bug beginning to sink in and the first exploit code being published today, we are anticipating an accelerating number of queries from our members about this and what they can do to ensure their own DNS caching resolvers are safe to use. We can tell you about […]

DNS cache poisoning exploit released

Hi There, There is a new DNS Cache poisoning disclosure that has been inadvertently leaked before it was scheduled to be released by Dan Kaminsky (IOActive). This is a very serious flaw in the DNS protocol that impacts caching resolvers, like the resolvers hosted at your service provider that help your workstation resolve IP addresses […]

.ME Top Level Domain launch indicative of new TLD rollouts

We've gotten a few invitations to apply to be a .ME top-level domain registrar, to which we assigned no urgency after we took a straw poll internally and found that pretty well zero of our customers were asking for it. Today, Techcrunch reports that the .ME landrush, at least through one large operator, had degraded […]

5 questions for YCombinator's Paul Graham

When we noticed YCombinator's Paul Graham was an easyDNS member we asked him to help us kick off a new format for the "Who Uses easyDNS" blog channel. Rather than just list off this company or that notable tech personality, we're conducting short interviews with them so we can all get a better idea what […]

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