Monthly Archives: October, 2006

Server monitoring now in beta

We are pleased to announce that server monitoring is now available for beta users. This feature is being rolled out under the DNS-plus service level and will be included as a component of that package. Server monitoring allows members to setup service tests on their hostname (A) records and our system will check those services […]

SPF checking on inbound mail forwarding now out of beta

We have promoted SPF checking on inbound mail forwarding from beta to normal production. All members can now optionally enable SPF checking on inbound mail destined for their domains via the "email" settings in their domain options. If the SPF validation equates to hardfail for a domain with SPF validation enabled, our mail servers will […]

.mobi now available for realtime registrations

The .mobi top-level-domain goes into realtime live registrations today. That means you can now register .mobi names like any other TLD. If you own or you can probably grab your .mobi starting today. One other thing: the .mobi registry is forcing minimum 2-year initial registration periods.

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