Monthly Archives: April, 2006

Seeking beta users for easySMTP: outbound mail service

We have been testing our outbound mail service (codenamed "easySMTP(tm)") and it looks good. It supports TLS and listens on numerous alternative ports. easySMTP outbound mail service will be bundled with DNS-plus packages at no extra cost. We are now accepting beta users for this service. If you would like to be a beta user […]

.EU registrations now live

It took a while to smooth out some issues with the registry but .EU registrations are now live. Pricing is the same as .COM/.NET/.ORG. Please note, .EU is intended for residents and organizations within the .EU member countries, those countries are: United Kingdom Austria Belgium Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary […]

Nameserver Record editor now-online

Members now have the ability to edit their zones NS (Nameserver Records) directly. This is handy for three situations: 1. You want to delegate a sub-domain to other external nameservers. 2. You want to bring your NS records in line with your domain's nameserver delegation. Some registries, for example, don't like it when they see […]

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