Monthly Archives: September, 2005

remote1 and remote3 redeployed and have been upgraded and moved onto's "Clean Pipe" environment, as part of our DoS mitigation strategy. The new IP addresses are: Secondary customers should know that for now we are slaving secondary zones from an internal nameserver and there is no need to change their nameserver ACLs […]

Behold: The LOGOUT Button!

One of the most frequently asked for features was the simple ability to logout of the members' panel without having to restart one's web browser. We're sorry it took so long to get it out there, but there it is now! Second item on the left-hand menu bar. Some things to know about the new […]

Does your business advertise via PPC? Then stop paying for spammed clicks

One hears many complaints about Technorati's blog search engine, that all it does it return "useless" blogspam search results. Is this a sign of a "bad" search engine or is it indicative of a deeper problem within the blogosphere itself, that it's riddled with blogspam and automatically generated scraper sites? (Blogger is particularly bad because […]

This is Day 0

Well not quite. As mentioned in the recent email to active members, this morning I purchased the other co-founder's shares in easyDNS. As we sat around the boardroom table it was noted that the transaction takes place nearly 7 years to the day from when we formally incorporated easyDNS back in 1998. In internet years […]

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