Monthly Archives: July, 2005

System Status via RSS

This status page now gets its data via RSS feeds from the new company blog. It is also now divided into "system status" and "what's new", both can be subscribed via RSS into your favorite RSS reader.

Blog move

We've just moved the blog from a hosted service to the serendipity platform. While there are advantages on both sides of the coin (hosted blogs vs. run-your-own) it looks like serendipity has some features we were looking for: individual RSS feeds for each category various exporting options including RSS, XML and Atom Search Engine Friendly […]

Widespread PHP vulnerability in XML-RPC

I didn't bother mentioning the new PHP XML-RPC vulnerability to somebody yesterday, assuming they already knew. Alas, they got burned by it so I'm making it a point to mention these things in a widespread generic sense from now on. As such: if you are running PHP content management systems like blogs, postnuke or anything […]

Status Updates

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